“Each composer, each musician, instrumentalist or soloist, must remember having somewhere a guide who opened and cleared the way, which finally unfolded"

Sigismund Toduţă

Composer, musicologist and pedagogue, Sigismund Toduta, (17 May 1908, Simeria – 3 July 1991, Cluj-Napoca) attends the Music and Dramatic Art Academy from Cluj – pedagogy (1926-1930), piano (1926-1931) and composition section (1930-1935). In the period 1936-1938, he got specialized at the Santa Cecilia Academy and the Institutio Pontifico di Musica Sacra din Roma, becoming Doctor of Musicology.
His name is closely connected to that of the Gh. Dima Music Academy, where he worked as a professor between 1946 and 1974, then as a consulting professor and the first one who coordinated doctorates of musicology in Romania.
He was the chief of the department and rector of the institution. He is the maestro, whose classes a whole generation of composers attended, being today remarkable representatives of the School of Composition from Cluj.
Including all the genres, from the vocal, choral, chamber, instrumental to the symphonic, vocal-symphonic and opera, his work mainly follows the neoclassical pattern, both as language and as forms. Melodist and polyphonist, above all, Sigismund Toduta refers to a material of synthesis, having a Byzantine and folklore origin.

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